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Where should we go this summer?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Need some more road trip ideas for this summer? Even though the vaccine is rolling out doen't mean you have to fly! So many great road trips to chose from for the family or couples geteway! Check out our blog post with some great ideas and itinerary planning.


Bethany / Rehoboth Beach, DE

Cape May, NJ

Beach Haven, LBI, NJ


There are so many options to enjoy! From all the ski towns to choose from, here are just a few:


**A good idea is to always try and rent from a local realtor that knows the area very well. For recommendations for local realtors you can check with the local chamber of commerce or check out** (as seen on

Best Vacation Sites to Choose From:

Rental Search Engines:

Tips & Tricks:

1. Know before you go. Check state CDC guidelines for COVID-19 regulations and quarantine measures.

2. Double check cancellation policy.

3. Contact the host with any questions. Is the AC working? Is the pool working? Make sure to ask for any and ALL updates on the house. This may seem like a no brainer, but you never know!

4. Check the actual Address. Check a map app or real estate site for the exact address of the house. Since not all properties include the actual address, ask for it and map out the location. Make sure “just minutes” from the beach is exactly that! And while you are looking up the house on, (or other real estate sites) zoom in on the property, then switch to satellite view to see another photo and details of the property.

5. Review the property as soon as you arrive–let the realtor or owner know of any damages or questions upon arriving; take photos.

6. Make SURE the host is willing to give you their cell phone number for your stay for questions/emergencies.

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