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Take OFF Tips and Tricks for How to Travel Safer During the Time of Covid-19

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


  1. Inquire if the hotel is booking at full occupancy. Most hotels are not at full occupancy in order to social distance properly. If the hotel you are researching is booked at full capacity, you may want to re-think that reservation.

  2. Does the hotel have a contactless check in option? Look into what types of touch-less systems are in place for check-in and check-out.

  3. Inquire about the hotel protocol for cleaning and sanitizing prior to arrival.

  4. Try to book a hotel that is waiting 24-48 hours for check-in between rooms for cleaning and sanitizing purposes.

  5. Look into the hotel's cancellation policy. What is the cancellation policy based on Covid-19 restrictions and if lockdown reoccurs? Make sure to have it in writing and also have a complete understanding of the rules for the hotel.

  6. Pack Light! In order to reduce touch points upon checking in, making sure to only pack 1 suitcase/ bag per person so that each family member can carry his or her own bags.

  7. As for luggage, suitcases on wheels are the best and easiest for travel. My favorites are Away and Rimowa. For travel bags some of my favorites are from Beis.

  8. You can always send extra stuff especially the important (masks, gloves, etc.) ahead of time and have the hotel put it in your room upon arrival (in order to incur less contact).

  9. Bring your own cleaning products, such as Travel Wipes and my favorite sanitizer that works like a lotion. Check out their IG page: @spray.sanitize.breathe.

  10. Clean it yourself. Make sure to wipe down everything in your hotel room, door knobs, TV, remote, charging stations, faucet, and just about everywhere.

  11. Request a fan or bring one with you to circulate the air in your hotel room.

  12. Consider booking accommodations that have their own kitchen and table. This is a benefit to have right now in case you cannot get into a restaurant due to limited space from Covid-19 restrictions. Having a table and a small kitchen is extremely helpful as a backup.

  13. Plan ahead and utilize your concierge! Book all your activities prior to arrival. Some places for activities will be closed or will have limited staff and will need to be booked in advance. Make sure to book all dinner reservations as space is limited; this is not a time to “wing it.”


  1. Check with your airline prior to booking for those that are keeping the middle seat empty. According to The Points Guy, Jetblue, Delta, Southwest, and Alaska Air are currently not selling the middle seat. Those details could be changing daily, so check before booking.

  2. Bring our own cleaning products, such as Travel Wipes and my favorite sanitizer @spray.sanitize.breathe.

  3. Wipe down any and all areas you touch including the recline button, arm rest, and belt buckle.

  4. Purchase some supplies such as seat covers from seetcuvers & seatsitters (make sure your airline allows them!) and a UV wand such as those found on Amazon. #ifounditonamazon

  5. Pack a snack or meal for your flight. Many places are closed in airports making it difficult to grab that meal for the plane. Make sure to pack something and/or call your airline ahead of time to see if they are selling meal service as many airlines are not due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

  6. Travel with a face shiled in addition to your N95 masks (recommended for traveling). click here for best face shields.


  1. Pack a blanket and other item for picnic! You may not always be able to find a restaurant that can accommodate your family right now, so grab a blanket and a spot for take-out.

  2. Grab your selfie stick and get that hard to take shot with the great view without asking someone to take the picture for you.

** VERY IMPORTANT ** Before you plan, please be sure to check the CDC about Covid-19 restrictions and quarantine guidelines within in each state.

Questions? Need help planning your trip?

Email me at for any questions or planning help!

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